Ever since its foundation as Daejoo Development Corporation in 1988, Daejoo KC has established Daejoo ENT Corporation, manufactured and constructed built-up beams and steel structures,
established KD Construction Corporation, manufactured stainless steel pipes for automotive mufflers, founded the Gooweol Plant in Shenyang, China, established its Steel Coil Center, and
constructed the Steel Reinforcement Division's Pohang Plant and a plant in Shanghai, China.

Over the past 20 years, Daejoo KC has satisfied its customers with distinguished technologies and unparalleled quality.

By declaring the Power Vision 2010 in 2004, Daejoo KC is aiming to achieve 1 billion dollars in sales by 2010 as its mid-long-term management objective.
Achieving 30 million dollars in exports and being awarded the Silver Tower Industrial Merit, Daejoo KC is receiving endless appraisal by the related industries and media.

with the world entering an age of full-scale international competition, Daejoo·KC focused on the "Power Vision 2010".
The company launched its current corporate name, Daejoo·KC, and aimed to become a first-class corporation centered on two business fields such as Steel and chemicals.

A company that achieves the highest level of quality with endless challenges toward the future - Daejoo KC!

Corporate Daejoo Heavy Industries Corporation
Korea Chemical Corporation
Daejoo ENT Corporation
Samyang Steel Corporation
CEO Joo Bong Park
Foundation Aug 1988
Local post South Korea, China, Vietnam