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KSA series id the crystallized α Alumina calcined in rotary Kiln at high temperature. As sictered
alumina is manufactured by shaping, dehydrating, milling after mixing KSA series Alumina
in binder. KSA series is manufactured in intensive control system because the difference of shape
density appears by spears by specific surface area, sintering specification varies by α-size, α-size of this series
is less than 1㎛ in size and its specific suface area is on 3~5㎡/g Due to its excellent durability, it is
essential material for the industry of ceramic and refractory. There are 3 kinds of products by Dp50
size(KSA-S, KSA-SC)
Product Name KSA-S KSA-SC
Al₂O₃(%) MIN 99.6 MIN 99.6
NA₂O(%) MAX 0.30 MAX 0.30
SiO₂(%) MAX 0.02 MAX 0.02
Fe₂O₃(%) MAX 0.02 MAX 0.02
Loss Of lgnition MAX 0.1 MAX 0.1
DP50(㎛) 55 ± 5 65 ± 5
Alpha size(㎛) <1
Specific Surface Area(m/g) 3 ~ 5
(1) Sintered Alumina  
(2) Castable refractory  
(3) Continuous casting refractory  
(4) Iron manufacturing refractory    
(1) Flexible Container Bag (1,000kg)