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KB-01D(Boenhmite) is Ultrafine Aluminum Hydroxide Produced by spceial process with End-user's needs, used as Halogen free flame retandant(it is eco-friendly for high process temperature). Also, it doesn't generate toxic gas and exhaust gas, is excellent at the resistance to electrical arcing and tracking. it can be specially used for printed-circuit board.
Product Name KB-01D
Form Dry Power
Moisture(%) MAX 0.35
Na₂O(%) MAX 0.15
Fe₂O₃(%) MAX 0.01
Loss On ignition(%) 17 ± 0.5
Dp50(㎛) 2 ± 1
 +45㎛(%,Sieve Analysis) MAX 0.01
(1) Flame retardant fillers for latex compo unds, PVC, epoxy resin, unsaturated polyester resin  
(2) Flame retardant fillers forelectric wire coating  
(3) Raw materials for printed circuit boards  
(1) Flexible Container Bag(385㎏)  
(2) Paper Bag(25㎏)