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Factory / HeadQuater      
Located in the Daebul Industrial Complex, Yeongam-gun, Jeollanam-do,  
Korea Chemicals Co.,Ltd. has acquired "Korea Chemical
Industry Corporation" as a public company, based on the government`s  
Private management policy. KC attained many kinds of patents and  
won the first prize by Mokpo Commerce and Industry Association, the
first prize for imports by Yeongam-gun, and the Silver Tower Order of
Industrial Service Merit. Its technological power was recognized
domestically and overseas.  
KC CO., Ltd is th only commpny in Korea that porduces Alumina and  
Aluminum Hydroxide, which are 100% imported, using bauxite as the    
main material.        
All the processes based on the newest facilities are contrilled and    
operated by the central control room, maxmizing production efficiency    
and operation efficiency.      
Factory Daebul Industrial Park 31,32 Block, Nanjeonri    
  1696-1, Samho, Yeongam, Jeonllanam-do, South Korea    
Tel +82-70-7015-1097    
Fax +82-61-460-7021  
Product Line Alumina / Aluminum Hydroxide