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About KC Corporation
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In 2001, in accordance with the privatization policy of Korean government, Daejoo Group  
over the state enterprise, Korea General Chemical Corporation, and renamed it KC Corporation.  
The name of Deajoo.KC Group was born at same time.  
After KC had succeeded the localization of Aluminium Hydroxyde, he has diversified his product  
line including Dry Hydrate, Super Fine Hydrate, Boehmite, Calcined Alumina, Sintered Alumina, etc.  
KC’s supplies his products to the wide range of application; Water Purification, Waste  
Treatment, Detergent, Electric Cable, Artificial Marble, Fire Blick, Rechargable Battery, etc.  
KC fulfills customers’ requirements around world including Japan, Europe, China, North America,  
and South East Asia.  
Corporate KC corporation    
Foundation March 2001      
Local Post South Korea    
Headquarters Daebul Industrial Park 31,32 Block, Nanjeonri    
  1696-1, Samho, Yeongam, Jeonllanam-do, South Korea    
Business Office Jeil Bldg, 3F, 84, Beodeunaru-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea  
Product Line Aluminum Hydroxide